Caller Name Announcer - CNA

Caller Name Announcer - CNA


Caller Name Announcer - Caller ID & Spam Detection is a Caller Announcing and Identification app that identifies callers, alerts users of Spam, then announces the caller name out loud. A summary of the caller information is then shown to users when the call has finished. This smart after call menu also gives the users immediate access to enable and disable call and/or message announcements. The app also reads aloud incoming SMS and other messaging platforms.

★ Caller id
★ Identify unknown phone numbers
★ Spam Call Warning
★ Hands-free call and text announcer
★ Announces calls and SMS loudly
★ Text messages announcer
★ WhatsApp calls & messages announcer
★ Messenger calls & messages announcer
★ Multiple language support
★ Detailed call summary after every call
★ SMS talker reads out message aloud to know its contents

The app is designed for when users are driving or otherwise not able to accept an incoming call or text message. The app is also designed for blind and/or visually impaired users, and for users who are physically limited to interact with the screen. On top of that caller name announcer warns the user out loud about possible incoming spam calls.